Vampire Wars Player Statistics

As Zynga develop new games, it seems like vampire wars is being left behind. It's not surprising why a lot vampire wars enthusiast left the game. Just read my post Why Vampire Wars is not popular anymore. But as far as I know Vampire Wars tried to keep up with a lot of improvements. Sadly the player population continues to drop. Based on Appdata Vampire Wars is number 18 in Zynga's Top 20 games in facebook.

Vampire Wars Reward Ville

Make sure you get the most out of your Vampire Wars Reward Ville.
According to Zynga, the program works like this: Each time you play a participating Zynga game, you’ll earn Zynga Points (zPoints) and increase your Zynga Level (zLevel). At every zLevel, you’ll earn Zynga Coins (zCoins) to use on free, exclusive in-game items in RewardVille
 So play, earn, level-up and get free in-games items. I just got my free scorpion and I'm planning to get the most powerful ability so far in vampire wars Reward Ville "Eternal Damnation" 200 attack damage and 50 defense. Unlock at zLevel 70 and get for 200 zCoins.

The Ancient Secret

The ancient secret is the new rare movement ability. It has 137 attack damage and 140 defense, Get it by asking candle, white rose and poison vial.

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